Safety rules

Hello to all the contestants for Angling Sports Spring Fly Fishing competition! We want to have an uneventful contest and we put together some very important safety rules.

1. Eye protection is MANDATORY for safety, not just helpful
2. A hat would be strongly indicated, if you ever received a conehead fly in the back of your head you know why
3. Make sure you are not venturing within the casting range when the competitors are fishing;
4. We mentioned this before: no alcohol or any drugs/medication that would impair your ability to stay safe. Lyndon Fish Hatchery is a NON SMOKING facility, if you need to smoke you need to be off the property.
5. Wading is strictly prohibited. Please observe this rule carefully since the penalty for getting in the water for any reason is losing ALL your previous points.
6. If you are on any medication such as inhalers, epi pen, nitroglycerin, make sure you have them with you; also if you have an emergency contact we will ask you to provide it at the check in.
7. In case of a thunderstorm we reserve the right to pause or stop the competition. Check this video if wondering why.

2 thoughts on “Safety rules”

  1. I see that cone heads and dumbbells are now allowed in the Angling Sports competition, does this mean we can use bead heads larger than 4mm as well or do they still have to be 4mm or smaller?

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