More questions more answers

We got another set of questions from our competitors, which prompted us to come with some more clarifications regarding the rules, in a FAQ format:

1. Q: can you use bingo bugs?
A: you cannot use bingo bugs because those are not flies. they are not commonly fished with a fly rod and fly line. The only thing they have in common with a fly is the feather, but this is also true for some spinning lures.

2. Q: are stomach pumps allowed?
A: No. As a competitor you are supposed to limit the contact with the fish to a minimum. If you catch a fish that you want to have measured, the official will handle the fish, including removing the hook, reviving and releasing the fish. If the fish is not measured, you have to show it to your controller in the net, then remove the hook and release the fish, without getting it out of the net while out of the water. using a stomach pump can harm the fish and increases the risk of killing it.

3. Q: can we have barbed hooks on the premises and debarb them as needed?
A: you can, although is not advisable. First you will lose time trying to debarb the hook, and being in a hurry you might not do a very good job removing the barb. The hooks WILL be tested at random times and during every measurement of a fish. If your hook does not pass the test, you will lose all the points you have achieved until that moment. The test consists in passing the hook through a piece of clothing. Any snag and all your points are gone. This rule will be STRICTLY enforced. That’s why we recommend that you have all the hooks debarbed and tested at home prior to the competition, unless you are tying on barbless hooks.

4. Q: what happens if a fish is badly injured?
A: Per Lyndon Fish Hatchery rules, any badly injured fish has to be removed from the water an purchased at a rate of $6.50/pound. you do not get points for a fish in this situation

5 Q: Do I have to measure every fish?
A: No, you only need to measure one fish per session, and this is done by your controller. You can have more than one fish measured, but because there is going to be only one controller per sector, you might need to wait until he gets to your position, which equals time spent not fishing. If you catch a smaller fish than the one you already had measured, all you need to do is show it to the score keeper (while the fish is still in the net), then remove the hook and release the fish as soon as you got your point. at the end of each session, what counts is the number of fish caught and the length of the biggest fish.

Feel free to ask more questions. We will try to keep the info coming for the next 2 days, also make sure you get to the location in time ( 8 AM) because you will have the chance to ask questions in the morning before the competition starts. Happy tyin’!

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