Due to unforeseen circumstances the LAKE FALL SPECIAL Competition date has been rescheduled from October 15th to Saturday October 22nd.
For those who already send the fee online please confirm by email if you are still coming and want the transaction to go trough.

For those who wants to register now please click here:

We appreciate your support and understanding.

  1. Alicia Moir Raytrowsky
  2. T.J. Raytrowsky
  3. David Forgeron
  4. Ian Troup
  5. Alexander James
  6. Lucian Holdevici
  7. Mike Thompson
  8. Ghedas C.
  9. Linas
  10. Cosmin M.
  11. Hari K.
  12. Dave Culver
  13. Larry C.
  14. Ionut Cotinghi
  15. Ciprian Rafan
  16. Joe Moreira

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