Kudos to you

Congrats to all the participants in the OPFFC 2016!
I think everyone is a winner just by making the effort to prepare and making it to the events. I hope your time spent on the water with us was rewarded not only by having a good time but by taking with you a good chunk of fly fishing experience, learning new techniques and tips that will help you catch more in the next seasons.

I’ve had the pleasure to witness this year how some of the guys evolved from fly fishing enthusiasts to very skilled competitors in Ontario FF Championship. A very good example in this direction is David Culver. First time participant in OPFFC 2015 with a great background in steelheadding, he worked hard investing his time and energy in preparing for his second season as a fly fishing competitor and now he is a Bronze Medalist of 2016 OPFFC individual and teams! Congratulations Dave for your well deserved placing!

Also I’ve seen Alicia and TJ making a very nice and smooth transition from the conventional bass competitions towards the fly fishing competition scene. In the same category fall Gedas Cepinskas and Linas Slyka who showed us how it’s done on Nipissing Lake winning the “Spin vs Fly” Tournament as a spinning team ending up the season by participating in the last Lyndon Bank Competition as a fly fishing team. And the examples can continue with Rubin Sautzer, Bing Gan, Lucio, Pat Moreira, Larry Culver and so on, all very passionate fly fishermen who joined the Championship this last year.

So kudos to you all! Because of your passion and efforts the Ontario Fly Fishing Championship will continue to exist and here at Sotto Club we will try to make it fun and interesting so we can all enjoy it together.

Cosmin M.
OPFFC Tournament Director

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