First 2017 River Comp

With just a few weeks left before the Grand River Upper Competition we would like to remind you that the registration for this event will be closed in the week previous to the comp date.

Please make sure you register HERE

If you register and can’t find your name on the list that means the registration procedure was not finished. To finish the registration procedure please make sure you send the comp fee with an e-transfer to the specified email address.


  1. Dean Petrovic
  2. Christopher Krysciak
  3. Dave Culver
  4. Rubin S.
  5. Mark P.
  6. Blair Wilson
  7. Julio Rodriguez
  8. Ryan Armstrong
  9. Lucian Holdevici
  10. Alicia Raytrowsky
  11. TJ Raytrowsky
  12. Jarrett Green
  13. Douglas Robertson
  14. Ellis Martin
  15. Joe Moreira
  16. Hari Klein
  17. Cosmin M.
  18. Gedas Cepinskas