2017 in review

Hi guys,

After a brief break we are coming back with more highlights from the Ontario Fly Fishing Championship.

First we would like to give a shout out to all the participants in the Sotto FF Championship this year, we hope they enjoyed the events and had a good time.   Also a big “thank you” to all SFFC members that helped organize the 2017 events.

Before we finalize the results for this year we would like to go over a few new things that Sotto Fly Fishing Club included in this year’s Championship.

First comp for 2017 was at a new venue, never used in the Championship before, a totally amazing fishery…Franklin Club.




The size of this venue and fish density allowed us to accommodate 24 participants in a 3 sessions rotation system. 1 session fishing from the boat and 2 from the bank using two bodies of water.

24 competitors caught in that day over 700 fish…enough said.

All these elements together produced a good competition with a true leaderboard and Champion.


Next event is the Grand River, another beautiful venue for fly fishing.

to be continued…

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