2017 in review – part III

The next two competitions we had were for Teams only. A team in SFFC is made up of two competitors. These team only events were from the boat on the lake & river.

Island lake was the venue used for the second year now in the lake boat comp. Target fish here was Northern pike.

The lake is mainly shallow with an average depth of 4-5 ft and has many pikes like this. So it is lot of fun to fish on the fly for them.

A delicious plate at the end of the event is always welcome 🙂



The Grand River Lower was the second team only event for 2017 but the first of it’s kind. Fishing from the boats on a 10 km river stretch from Paris, Ontario to Brantford.

 This event was a ton of fun and lots of fish were caught.

We should add that in order to be able to organize this event on this river stretch that has special fishing regulations in place, we worked together with County of Brant’s Facilities and Parks Operations Department. Great people there and really thoughtful about the natural resources of the river. 

Kayaks, canoes, pontoons and inflatable drift boats were used in this event. The small mouth bass are really strong on this river, fighting them on a fly rod is amazing.

The “Green Team” know what recycling means 😀 The Nu-Canoe was the most used watercraft…and for a good reason, they are really good.

The event was a blast and we will definitely continue more tournaments like this next year.

In fact everyone was so excited about this kind of fishing tournament that we opened the opportunity in the next event on Thames River. But about that and the Charity we developed there we will talk in the next article.

Stay tuned!

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