2017 in review – part IV

Already at the 3rd edition the Thames River event was a multi-species competition open to all fishing styles with artificial baits.

With a very simple points system, counting just the 5 biggest fish for each team, proved by pictures in the measuring through this competition was a pleasure to participate in. Also this year we opened the event for the boats too. South from the City of London the river is wide and deep enough for kayaks or drift boats.

The small mouth bass is predominant in these waters but Thames River has no more then 72 species of fish. This comp being a multi-species event something very unusual happened…the winning team won with 5 fish all belonging to different species. This is something that you can’t see every day and  just proves how good and healthy the river is.

The highest score was like that:

Small mouth bass + Walleye + Silver Bass + Drum(sheep head) + Pike

All these fish were caught on the fly, using nymphs and streamers.
The number of participants was not the highest this year but a core of competitive anglers was formed in London Ontario, and we see them coming every year. 

Same like 3 years ago we ran the Charity for Children’s Hospital. We managed to make $560 offering Sotto competition flies and great food all in a superb location rented by the Sotto Club.

Our always present sponsor Angling Sports offered a $100 prize for the biggest fish.  For the first time two female competitors joined this competition. Thank you for raising the bar Alicia and Donna!The hopes are high …a new generation is getting ready to continue this tradition  🙂

In the next article we’ll post the Final Results of the 2017 Sotto FF Championship.

Stay tuned!

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