2018 – SOTTO Championship Schedule

These are the events scheduled for 2018. More details will follow soon. Anyone interested can contact us here or on our Facebook page.

All these schedules are subject to change due to bad weather conditions, high water levels, or other natural disasters.

  • Florida Challenge – Dec 25th 2017 – Jan 7th 2018
  • Fly tying/Championship discussions – Jan 27th
  • Fly tying/Championship discussions – Feb 24th
  • Fly tying/Championship discussions – March 24th
  • Sotto Spring Cup (lake) – April 7th
  • Grand River Upper – May 26th
  • Island Lake (location might change) – June 16th
  • Grand River Lower – July 14th
  • Thames River – August 18th
  • Saugeen River Challenge – September 15th
  • Sotto Fall Cup (lake) – October 13th
  • Steelhead – Cup -November 10th

6 thoughts on “2018 – SOTTO Championship Schedule”

  1. 2018 is looking good am looking forward to the new season.also ps in future when posting my name please spell it correctly.i carry my fathers last name it is spelled PIETROWSKI

    1. Hi Mark

      I found your name here . I see that we are on the same team for the upcoming Canadian Nationals. I thought that we could all connect up somehow prior to comp. You can reach me at thevoisins@sympatico.ca, call or text 519-870-8265 or instagram.com/mostly_trout/

      Scott Voisin

    1. Scott, I suggest you try to attend any of the fly tying events at the waterloo legion. More of the details will be available there.

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