Competition participation eligibility

As we are getting closer to our first event of the year we get a lot of questions about the  eligibility criteria, more specifically about what it  means “eligible to participate” and ” for SOTTO members only ” ? I will try to explain here with a few more details in the hopes that the wording this time will be clear.

In the last 5 years Sotto FF Club tried to build up a Provincial Championship for the Province of Ontario. Along with this Championship the Rules came along,  the liability and insurance issues  as well as many other  challenges.  In order to overcome these we created the Sotto League in an effort to have everyone in one group that would fall under the same competition regulations, liability,  etc.

So if you happened to participate in one of our many events in the last few years, you might have a green tag with your name on it, and for sure we have a few Waivers in our archives signed by you.  That doesn’t mean you are a SOTTO member. That means that you payed a fee for participating in one or more events during that year.

All SOTTO Club members are listed on the website and if your name is not there that means that you have not paid the  annual membership fee or have done no volunteering  work with the Club. An official membership application will be reviewed in our next Club meeting and will be posted on the website as soon as it is approved.




Important updates

During our  club meeting  held this past weekend we decided to change a few things regarding the way the SOTTO Championship will run this year. The discussions focused  around  key issues  such as liability, cost and revenue among others.

The newly approved  changes in the SOTTO Championship Rules are:

  • In order to participate in any tournament from this Championship you have to be a member of the SOTTO Club
  • Occasionally, we will  allow invited guests to  compete  pending upon the President’s approval and the Council’s recommendation.
  • The  Sotto Spring Cup (Lyndon) Competition will be a team only event.
  • The Thames River and Saugeen River events might be two days events, depending on the weather conditions. 


New for 2018 season

Ladies and gents,

We still have some snow on the ground but not for long. Just one more week until the last FT meeting when also we will decide how the 2018 Championship will unfold.

As you know, every year we bring something new to the Championship. This season we will have ONLINE real-time tournaments. Fish will be submitted and verified in real-time. You will also be able to see all the pictures that your adversaries submitted. Easy and smooth access from your smart phone.

Let us know what you think about that, use the comments box bellow or top right menu contact us.