Important updates

During our  club meeting  held this past weekend we decided to change a few things regarding the way the SOTTO Championship will run this year. The discussions focused  around  key issues  such as liability, cost and revenue among others.

The newly approved  changes in the SOTTO Championship Rules are:

  • In order to participate in any tournament from this Championship you have to be a member of the SOTTO Club
  • Occasionally, we will  allow invited guests to  compete  pending upon the President’s approval and the Council’s recommendation.
  • The  Sotto Spring Cup (Lyndon) Competition will be a team only event.
  • The Thames River and Saugeen River events might be two days events, depending on the weather conditions. 


2 thoughts on “Important updates”

    1. April 7th. Meeting at 8am start of the comp at 9am. Yes the Team only format will be in place for this first event. Soon the comp web page will be updated with all the details and lists.

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