Ice challenge


All the guys from the club are trying to cast into the hole 😁

Lots of huts on the ice

The fight is hard for the first place as you can see in this pic

But so far we have Jordan and Gedas battling for the first place. Both are having some nice catches from under the ice, pike:

And perch:

On the third place Linas is just crashing us with his perch catches. Here is one of his best:

Maybe his secret is nighttime ice fishing?! 😉

The rest of the gang is just “struggling”

As always I am in charge with safety and security 😁  lol

But most of all I am happy to report that everyone is having a really good time

This is real winter fun surrounded by friends…we should probably get out again!

Can’t wait to see what Lake Nipissing will produce this weekend 😉

See you around 🙂

6 thoughts on “Ice challenge”

  1. Congrats mates ☺ awesome results and outdoor experience…and nice pics. Way to go Team!
    P.S. “Life bellow zero” ☺☺☺

  2. Geez…that’s a monster pike! I hope the drive to Nipissing is worth it. Apparently they had a foot of snow yesterday. Hope to share some pics from the ice bungalow..well see!!!

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