Throwback Thursday

I guess you’re a little bored by now, of seeing so many pictures with ice and snow. So I thought maybe a happy throwback little story will make you smile again.

This is from my last two trips up north in 2018. Both times I was in a kayak – my latest delight.


For the first time in the beautiful Massasauga Provincial Park, I was amazed by the landscape.

It was a day with crazy weather and fishing went nuts on us. My good friend Dave and I started paddling on a crispy October morning with clear blue sky. Fishing was super slow…we found no fish in the first hours.

But after a while some black clouds started to show up, the wind picked up and the storm got super crazy with winds of 50km/h temp went down close to 0C, rain became slushy.

Really hard to explain how you feel in those moments. No matter how good is your rain gear you will get wet and cold eventually.

But the best part was that the fishing picked up. We start having hits from bass but only deeper then 25ft.

Soon enough I found a “magic” spot, a sudden drop from a sunken island that was just 1ft under the water, was dropping to 40ft in less then 15ft. The only big problem was staying on the spot, the high winds were giving us some problems πŸ™‚

But the fishing was so good…the hits were one after another and I for one would not really care about anything else.

It was then when I got two fish that really surprised me. One was a:

Rock bass! 😁

I’ve never thought these guys are living so deep. Got him at 42.4ft depth. Impressive in my opinion.

The second fish was camera shy so he released himself from the hook in front of the net. It was either a catfish or a burbot, hard to say in that splash that made around the kayak.

Obviously the hook I was using, no6 dropshot hook, was way too small for these kinda of guys. So basically I was undergunned.

The storm slowed down but we were already wet and cold so we decided to get to the campsite and have a lunch beside the fire. Paddling to the spot we passed one fishing boat with two guys…we overheard when one of them was complaining to the other one that his heated seat was not working anymore πŸ™‚

We just laughed …

Back at the camp site I got into my element.

Nothing like a campfire when you’re wet and cold.

The storm went away and the sky started to clear up.



The day finished with another good session, more fish caught, but you had to reach depths between 30ft to 40ft to have a good chance.

My conclusion for that day was that I have to get some bigger hooks on these drop-shot rigs because basically I lost in the drill everything that was bigger then 2lb.

As we are paddling back to the car the sun started to go down

Amazing day in an awesome landscape…

…hope this helps you push away the winter blues πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. This sounds like a love story ….☺ I really liked your trip! … needs a “second round”! …this year…

    1. Thanks guys! Yeah it was a cool trip. To be honest I totally fell in love with the Great North. Last year I managed to go 5 times up there and every time was a blast.

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