A new beginning

Hello my friends!

I’m not even sure from where to start…took me a while to get back at this. So many changes and challenges in our lives lately…epidemic, lockdowns, unusual weather patterns, caterpillar invasions just to name a few but better just stick with what we know best…FISHING πŸ˜‰

This year I am pushing hard on kayaking. Got a new toy with pedals bigger and better for open water. It is still early to get a good review but after a few trips I’ll probably write one here.

Fishing was not spectacular this yearπŸ˜•except with only one outing when I fished a mouth of a river. The bite was so good that it became annoyingly easy at one point. They were bitting anything that fell in the water.

That’s the best times to make experiments to test new baits and patterns. And now we are getting into  it 😁

So many questions on HOW or WHY did I get back into spin fishing…πŸ™‚

For starters I have the say that this was the fishing style that helped me get into fishing tournaments, it helped me transition from live bait to artificials only, many many moons ago πŸ˜‰.

But for me this was never a step back, once you become a fly-fisherman you can never “step back” it always stays with you… if anything I took it to another level. I’m using nymphs under the ice

I’m tying new patterns on jigs

And I use spinning gear to fish them.

Some times I pair them with different plastics to create a different profile, modify the speed and the fall rate of the lure.

All of these lures are fished on ultra light spin gear, around 6′ rods, 2lb to 4lb lines, reel size 1000.

These light and finesse setups can trick some real monsters even in the toughest fishing conditions…and then it gets crazy trying to land them in the kayak πŸ€ͺ

This year I had a lot of carps taking my modified baits

Some of these I modify on purpose in my search of the “perfect jig fall” and with some I just get lucky like this old plastic swim bait I was using one day getting bite after bite on it. It was almost falling out of the jig hook when I decide to change it with a new one from the pack…same size and colour. Put it on…nothing. 3 casts, 5 casts 10 casts …nothing. I put the old ripped one back…bang!!! First cast got a fish on. Later I compared the baits …the new plastic was swimming nice and straight with tight side to side action…but the old ripped one becase was barely holding on the hook had more “movement liberty” so it was swimming slower with larger side to side action…and that was what they liked that day.

Every day you can learn something new. Hope this blurb will help you on the water 😁

Tight lines everyone 🀠

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