Grand River – Lower section

Type of competition: River Fishing from the boat

Date: July 15th 2017

Location: Grand River, Paris, Ontario

– Maximum number of the competitors: 24.
– Teams of 2 (two) – mandatory (competitors with no team mate will be randomly paired)
– Number of sessions: 1 session from 8am to 3pm.
– Artificial lures only; fly fishing, spinning and baitcast.
– Eligible fish species: All
– Minimum size of the fish for scoring points: 18 cm.
– Each team at the end of each session will present the biggest five (5) eligible fish caught and validate with pictures.

-Canoes, Kayaks, and all types of self propelled boats are allowed
– No motors allowed
– Two people max in one boat
–  Start point Bean Park – Paris at 8:00am
– End point: Brant Park – Brantford at 3:00pm


Entry Fee: $20.00 / competitor.


To register please click   REGISTER


Orientation Meeting
Saturday July 15th, 2017 at 7:00 am
Location : TBD

Fishing Session:      8:00am – 3:00pm

Awards ceremony:       4:30pm

Should you have any questions please send us an email at:

You never participated into a FlyvsSpin competition but you are curious how it is, please check out the last year event:

3 thoughts on “Grand River – Lower section”

    1. …how come, Rubin? Linas and I got my “second” place trophy, too! It was a delicious…..well, Cosmin has the proof of it.

    2. Rubin,..I found it!!! Here is the evidence of our “second place” trophies (attached in gmail)

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