Lake from the bank Rules – OPFFC

Lake fishing competition

from the bank


Official Amendments to the Official Rules:


  1. The competition will consist of three (3) competition sessions.
  2. Each competition session comprises of one and a half (1.5) hour of fishing
  3. This is a team and individual competition. Each team is made up of two (2) competitors.
  4. Being part of a team is not mandatory.
  5.    The rotation is set by the Rotation System and the draw.
  6. The competitors will be placed in three different groups according to their competition experience and previous results.


  1.    Fishing will be performed from the shore. No wading allowed.
  2.    A competitor may only cast their flies within the marked boundaries of their beat.
  3. Netting of fish must be performed solely by the competitor who caught and wishes to score the fish.
  4. Only fish hooked in the mouth area or in front of the rear edge of the gill cover, will be eligible for the scoring of points


  1. The competitor may remove the hook, and must revive the fish and release it, taking care not to damage the fish, as a dead fish is ineligible for scoring of points.
  2. The use of hand-signals, written and verbal communication or radios, phones, and other electronic communication devices are not permitted during competition sessions.


  1. The use of maximum three flies is permitted which must not be closer to each other than fifty (50) cm, measured eye to eye, hanging freely.
  2. All flies must be dressed on hooks that are either barbless, de-barbed, or have the barb squeezed down flat.
  3. A single visible bead may be used on each fly, but may be not more than 4 mm in its maximum dimension. No fly length restrictions.
  4. All flies must be attached to the leader in such a way that they do not move or slide (loop knots are not permitted and are considered to be illegal).


  1. Neither sinking nor floating devices may be added to fly lines (bobbers, barrel-swivels, split-shot or other weights are not permitted).
  2. Leaders may be knotted or knotless, and tapered or level, and must be continuous for its entire length (tying leader to the bend of the hook is not permitted).
  3. A single loop of max. 10cm length may only be used to connect leader to fly line. Shooting heads are not permitted.


  1. Competitors may have spare fly rods with them rigged and ready to go, but use only one at the time.
  2. Mandatory competition nets for landing the fish.


  1. Eligible fish species: trout
  2. No minimum length for the scoring of points
  3. For measuring purposes; the length will be from the tip of the nose to the tip in the tail
  4. Competitors are awarded one (1) point for a fish smaller then 40 cm and two (2) points for a fish longer then 40 cm.
  5. Fish hooked during a competition session is eligible if it is landed not more than 5 minutes after the session ends.


  1. It is the responsibility of each competitor to provide and wear their own eye protection.
  2. Each participant is responsible for checking the accuracy of their scorecard, ensuring that their fellow competitor/controller has crossed out the unused part of the scorecard and confirming this by signing it at the end of each period.
  3. Each participant is responsible for their own travel to and from all official events and during the practice and competition sessions
  4. All scorecards must be handed to the sector judge immediately after the session ends (missing or late cards will be disqualified).
  5. Competitor is responsible for his equipment.


  1. No wading allowed.
  2. Lack of sportsmanship towards competitors, organizers or officials.
  3. The use by a team member of a fish/depth finder during a session.
  4. Use of any prohibited substance(s) constituting doping, according to the anti-doping regulations set.
  5. Use of any live bait or fish attractant is prohibited.


  1. If a fellow competitor or competition official determines that a competitor has negligently injured a fish, that fish will not be scored, and the competitor will be penalized the number of points attributable to a fish of minimum valid length (a -1 point penalty)
  2. At the conclusion of the session, any fish that are hooked while the flies are in the water or as they’re being retrieved back, are NOT eligible for scoring points.
  3. Disciplinary measures are:

– Warning

– Censure

– Disallowing all or part of a competitor’s catch

– Disqualification of a team or individual






Adapted from the 2012 Competition Rules of FFC

(Fly Fishing Canada)


Adapted from the 2013 Competition Rules of FIPS

(Federation Internationale de Peche Sportive Mouche)


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