Thank you for your interest in our competition.

If you haven’t obtained your LEAGUE PASS already please do so before you continue:


Please read carefully all the requirements and fill out the ‘Online Registration Form’ below to register for the event.

All OPFFC competitions are running on a “first come, first served” system, so please make sure you are securing your place ahead of time.

After the registration form is sent, you will have 24 hours for confirmation of entry by sending the payment for the event, or you will lose your spot to the next angler on the list.

For the competitions with fixed number of participants (ex.Lyndon), the competitors that no longer have empty spots left, will be transferred on a waiting list. In the event of a cancellation they will take the place in the same order they registered. Also the guys from the waiting list will have registration priority in the next competition.

For all the competitions the registration will close a week before the start date.

Entry Fee: $ please check each competition page 

Payment can be made:

via Email:
You can send the fee with an e-Transfer to this email address:
mentioning as Security Question Answer: SFFC

via Mail:
You can make the payment by writing a personal cheque to:
Sotto Fly Fishing Club for please check each competition page 
Memo: Competition Fee.
Please mail all the Registration Forms and the Cheque into an envelope addressed to:
Sotto Fly Fishing Club
67 Phair Crescent
London, ON, N5Z 5B5


Should you have any questions about the payment please contact:

Hari Klein – 1 586 533 9911



By completing this form I have read the RULES concerning this event and will obey them. I also waive the Sotto Fly Fishing Club, other competitors, sponsors and tournament officials from all claims and injury and or damage incurred in connection with this event. By submitting this form I agree to follow and obey the rules procedures and waiver(s)




    1. Mark you forgot to register as a League member. Please don’t jump over the steps, read all the pages carefully and go through all the steps.
      It is really simple:
      Step 1 – League member
      Step 2 – Comp 1
      Step 3 – Comp 2

      1. see you shortly if you have some off those boxes you were talking about please bring with you.thanks.

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